Renewable Power

It is also called encouraged power generators are enterprises which, according to legislation, attend to following requirements:

  • Enterprises with hydraulic potential over 1.000 KW is equal or inferior to the 30.000 KW intended to independent or self-production, with features of a hydroelectric plant;
  • Enterprises with installed power equal or inferior than 1.000kW;
  • Enterprises which primary generation source is biomass, wind or solar energy, injected power of transmission or distribution systems is lesser or equal to 30.000kW.

For these enterprises, beyond several presented Generator solutions as energy buying and selling strategic plan, regulatory and commercial management, market studies development and creation of management reports, Brasil Energias maintains a specific work of business viability for the enterprise.

Focusing in small cogeneration companies, such as sugarcane milling, this solution purpose is to structure the enterprise on power commercialization process, offering every necessary assistance for company to consolidate itself as a renewable power generator for the power free market.