Natural Gas

In 2010, the 7.382 Decree, which regulates the law 11.909 (Gas Law) introduced free, self-producer consumer characters on federal regulatory scope. But the effective gas free market opening on each state depends of State regulation.

Consumers which are currently in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito santo, Maranhão and Amazonas can opt for natural gas free market migration. Minas Gerais State is about to also create its regulatory structure.

Following table with minimum consumption on each state for natural gas free market migration:

Thus as the electric energy free market, natural gas free consumers will have the possibility to select their supplier negotiating freely price, quantity and duration of their contracts. This allows an attendance focused on their real consumption needs.

Brasil Energias currently is also a natural gas trading agent and uses its electric energy market expertise to contribute with development of this new market.