Unterstand the Market

Before 1990, the Brazilian electric energy market was formed by public initiative and investments were performed solely with Federal Government resources.

But, since half this decade, necessity of market opening was witnessed by means of the Law No. 9.047 of 1995, became composed by private, mixed and state equity companies, rated in performance groups as Generators, Transmitters, Distributors, Trading agents and Consumers.

This Brazilian electric sector change was vital to grant the expansion of generator park and to attract private investments, since market signed the capacity lack of government on investing the same proportion of economical growth of Country and, consequently, of the electric energy demand.

Along with this law, was created the power independent producer role, the free consumers character and the competition initiation on power commercialization. Yet on sector restructuring track , it was also created ANEEL, ONS and MAE.

At the beginning of 2000 decade, new regulations support the sector. Supported by Laws 10.847 and 10.848 of 2004 and by Decree 5.163 of 2004 a new model finally defined the current format of electric energy market. Thus, EPE, o CMSE and CCEE were established.

After this moment, the contract environment of power buying and selling ACR e ACL were established.

In this electric energy modernization scenario, the main role of Trading agents is to perform on contract intermediation, reducing the called transaction costs, promoting an efficient encounter between consumers and generators, assisting Free Consumers and Generators on electric energy contract in conditions which attend their characteristics.

Differences between Regulated Employment Environment (ACR - Ambiente de Contratação Regulado) x Regulated Free Environment (ACL - Ambiente de Contratação Livre)

ACR consumers are called captive consumers and their features are:

  • Buying of electric energy of their local distributor which acquire such power in auctions performed by government;
  • No possibility to negotiate price, being subjected to supply tariff established by ANEEL;
  • With new tax rules, monthly variations to power generation costs will be disclosed through tax signs.

So, their electric energy buying at ACR works as following:


Consumers in ACL are called free consumers and their features are:

  • They have possibility to develop commercial strategies when contract their electric energy;
  • They have conditions to negotiate price, deadline, indexation and consumed quantity flexibility;
  • They have option to select their power supplier, which can be a Generator or a Supplier agent.

So, their electric energy buying at ACL works as following:


In sum, at free market consumers buy their electric energy directly from a generator or by a trading agent intermediate. Due their power to select and compete, economic benefit of electric energy input comparing to the tariffs on captive environment is highly evident.