Special Consumers

Free market Special Consumerss are companies which can equally acquire electric energy from suppliers of which not necessarily is a local distribution concessionaire. To do so, they need to have a contracted demand equal or superior to 500 kW and lesser than 3.000 kW.

Companies in this category are attended for renewable sources, such as small hydroelectric plants (PCH), biomass plants (as cane mills), wind and solar power plant, among others.

In addition to exercise its choice option in power acquisition, other advantage in becoming a special consumers are the 50% or 100% reduction in use tariff of distribution system. Among main segments attended by this category are the medium-size and commerce industries, such as shopping centers, retail network, financing institutions, etc.

One of the greatest advantages to have Brasil Energias as partner on this category is commercial and regulatory support on migration to free market and strategic management of power buying.